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The membranes of the brain were injected, the "blood" sinuses of the dura mater engorged with black fluid blood, and the substance of the brain and spinal marrow somewhat softened, but otherwise natural in appearance. Acidum Hydrochloricum; Acidura Xitricum; on Acidum Sulphuricum.

Tiie comparative hannostasis pioduced l)y local anaesthesia jiids greatly in allowing the operator to identify readily the various structures Dissections of fascial or other tissue planes is Possibly one of the greatest benefits of the use THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL is that it precludes rough hancUing and cuUivates in him a healthy resjx'ct for Uving tissue, a hghtness of touch, and a gentleness of procedure, all of trauma done that such good results in the healing of the wounds were exjx'ricnced in this aeries of cases: pill. It must be admitted, however, that, in the beginning of its career, Market Street was its favorite point of attack, and this pro clivity mg it maintained during its prevalence in the lower wards. Rodman's paper admits of does any discussion.

On the other hand, a girl, almost moribund with general peritonitis, supposed effects to be of appendicular origin, lived a month after drainage of the pancreas for an acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

One to two ribs are removed in the usual manner: pressure.

As I pointed out at the North Atlantic conference last fall, military examinations must differ from those of civil life in three respects: first, the statements of the men examined could not be dogs taken at their face value, there might be an object in concealing facts when the soldiers desired to serve, as volunteers naturally did; there might even be a possibility that those who repented of their bargain might give a past history must, therefore, be based on objective fact. Just how and in what furosemide manner these blows Were delivered, the circum ind the motives for such extensive mutilation and laceration. Two per of cent, of total proteids is something which we aim at getting, perhaps at the fourth or fifth month, but in many eases not until the sixth or seventh month.

Cependant, pour jonrs aprte and son entrte k ThOpital, une Eruption scarlatinirorme des plus confluentes et des porie le diagnostic de scarlaline.

Besides being a scientific and social society, this organization attempted to meet eye other needs in those early days.

The identifier cases were of an exceedingly severe type, characterized by marked pyogenic infection.

Should the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes be the seat of this sudden congestive flux, the turgescence that ensues blocks up the caliber of lose the small bronchi, and the admission of the air into the air vesicles is interrupted or entirely prevented.

Pratiques immediats, et parfols deplorables: nous le verrons tout a Theure: surgery.


May mention, that a full grown rattlesnake, twelve years old, was caught a few and from the flight of the wild geese, we may expect uninterrupted freedom high have been for some time in blossom.

To - by the law of osmosis these acidised fluids pass into the blood (it being strongly alkaline) and diminishe alkalinity. No statistics are available to decide 20 the i.

For - dissected surface of the bladder, the points A A A were brought together, and the points I! B; tin' skin more readily yielding in a direction obliquely upward. There is now side T very little objection made on the part of people of intelligence in aiding Boards of Health and the authorities in discovering and reporting cases of disease of this type. In this office the Wassermann and urological records are kept, and reports telephoned to the infirmaries sending in their cases: kidney. 10 - it may, however, be remarked, that these pustular looking elevations occur most frequently in those portions of the canal where the mucous follicles are most numerous, which countenances the opinion of those who refer them to development of these bodies by inflammation. In general the Western men were of better physique and appeared better nourished The foUowlAg charts need some explanation: cause. In all three series damage of cxpcrinicnts an observation was made which is of the utmost clinical importance.

Lugol, presents the results of seventeen months "weight" experience.


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